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The Syrophoenician Woman: Matt. 15:21-28

The text says a Canaanite woman came to Yeshua (also named by scholars as the Syrophoenician Woman, likely from the history noted above). Yeshua’s disciples were not exactly excited about her disturbing their peace by her continual crying out for the Lord to show her, or specifically her daughter, mercy. The daughter was not simply demonized, but the text says she was (NASB’s translation), “cruelly demon-possessed.”

Matthew 4:24=> Yeshua Healed Diverse “Illnesses” that attacked Both the Body & the Souls of Men

Deliverance Ministry of Yeshua: Part 2

Diverse Kinds of Human “Illnesses”

One of the first direct mentions of people being demonized in Scripture is found in Matthew 4:24.

Why Don’t They Teach Deliverance Ministry in Seminary or Church Today?

Recently I’ve been investigating, and I am now starting to study one aspect of Yeshua’s ministry that has long been ignored in most western conservative Christian and academic circles . . .

Seeking Deliverance or The Deliverer?

We all have struggles. Things that require deliverance that only God can accomplish in our lives. Often, the more desperate we get, the more we cry out for deliverance. But today, during my quiet time with the Lord this morning, an important, but subtle distinction came into focus. Am I seeking simply to “be delivered” from some difficulty, hardship, illness, or struggle in my life, only to receive from the Lord and go back to doing my own thing? Or, am I really seeking The Deliverer, as in seeking to draw near to Him personally through greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit today?

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