Seeking Deliverance or The Deliverer?

We all have struggles. Things that require deliverance that only God can accomplish in our lives. Often, the more desperate we get, the more we cry out for deliverance. But today, during my quiet time with the Lord this morning, an important, but subtle distinction came into focus. Am I seeking simply to “be delivered” from some difficulty, hardship, illness, or struggle in my life, only to receive from the Lord and go back to doing my own thing? Or, am I really seeking The Deliverer, as in seeking to draw near to Him personally through greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit today?

Of course, the Lord, in His abounding love, will address the things that I need deliverance from according to His riches and grace. However, I realized this morning how important it is to do a little “heart check” every now and then. I recognize how important it is to make sure I’m not simply seeking “relief from pain,” since I know that it is through the difficulties and struggles life brings that the greatest opportunities for growth, maturity, and building strength of character can be developed. Yes, pain is horrible, but when I can come to a point of true surrender, in the midst of struggle, it is there that I find my greatest source of strength that only comes through encounter and direct connection with The Deliverer Himself.  

While the distinction between seeking deliverance and seeking The Deliverer can be subtle, it reveals an important element regarding the purpose of our deliverance. Yes, our deliverance has a purpose beyond ourselves, and that purpose begins and ends with bringing glory, honor, and praise to The Deliverer Himself.

Psalm 63:2-3 makes it clear that outside of a relationship with The Deliverer, our body, soul, and our spirit dry up, like a desert without water. Only in the process of being set apart to God in holiness, through divine daily encounters with The Deliverer of our souls, will we come truly alive, as water is to a desert.

In this Psalm, it is important to recognize the allusion David makes regarding water as indicating His desire to draw near in intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Revelation or cognitive understanding of truth or holiness itself is not enough. We must allow all cognitive revelation and understanding to drive us into a deeper encounter and activation of that revelation so that we become filled to overflowing with that truth in a way that transforms our very nature and being. It is at the point of encounter with our Deliverer Himself, through deliberate and focused worship, prayer, stillness, and praise that we become effective glory carries; Glory carriers capable of seeing visions and receiving prophetic words from His heart for the people around us. Only then can we truly start to manifest His glory to the nations and effectively express His abounding love and desire to save human beings in a way that brings dynamic transformation to our communities, cities, and nation.


Pause and consider this question. Have you been seeking deliverance more than The Deliverer?

Spend a moment reading and pondering the deeper significance of Psalm 63:2-3 in your life today. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see what He is up to today in the lives of those around you. Ask Him for a vision or prophetic word that you can use to bless and encourage someone with today. Then thank Him for being not simply one who delivers us from all our afflictions, but for being The Deliverer who desires to be in close relationship with us personally so that we may participate with Him to help deliver others from the snare of the trapper.


4 thoughts on “Seeking Deliverance or The Deliverer?

  1. Thank-you..this has helped to remind me that He does deliver me, but that I sometimes miss when He does…and to be more purposeful in encountering Him in that deliverance…to feel His presence in that deliverance. I know there is a difference and I have experienced it, but sometimes it gets away from me and I don’t realize it until it is over. Kind of like Jacob, when He said that Elohim was in that place and He didn’t know it. Self-check is important for sure. He is so awesome…thanks again and shabbat shalom.

    1. thanks for sharing…I’m so glad it helped you get that little reminder to help you grow your walk 🙂 Blessings!

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