The Syrophoenician Woman: Matt. 15:21-28

The text says a Canaanite woman came to Yeshua (also named by scholars as the Syrophoenician Woman, likely from the history noted above). Yeshua’s disciples were not exactly excited about her disturbing their peace by her continual crying out for the Lord to show her, or specifically her daughter, mercy. The daughter was not simply demonized, but the text says she was (NASB’s translation), “cruelly demon-possessed.”

Can a Believer “Have a Demon” or Unclean Spirit?

According to the book of Mark, shortly after the Lord calls Simon, Andrew, James, and John, to follow Him, Yeshua enters the synagogue at Capernaum, near the Sea of Galilee. It is the Sabbath and Yeshua begins teaching with great authority, amazing everyone.

Now, having recently come through 40 days and nights of fasting and testing in the wilderness followed by His immersion by John, which essentially kicked off Yeshua’s active public ministry season, Yeshua’s casting out of the unclean spirit at Capernaum is one of the first public counterstrikes we see the Messiah engage in against the enemy’s fallen kingdom. The public humiliation and shaming of this supernatural fallen kingdom had now commenced as the Kingdom of God began to draw ever near.

Thus, Yeshua’s newly public and authoritative teaching and presence in the synagogue at Capernaum that day clearly provoked the manifestation of a demonized man that was in attendance. . . .

Matthew 4:24=> Yeshua Healed Diverse “Illnesses” that attacked Both the Body & the Souls of Men

Deliverance Ministry of Yeshua: Part 2

Diverse Kinds of Human “Illnesses”

One of the first direct mentions of people being demonized in Scripture is found in Matthew 4:24.

Why Don’t They Teach Deliverance Ministry in Seminary or Church Today?

Recently I’ve been investigating, and I am now starting to study one aspect of Yeshua’s ministry that has long been ignored in most western conservative Christian and academic circles . . .

Ulrich Zwingli – The Less Known but Highly Influential Swiss Reformer & Contemporary of Luther

Ulrich Zwingli was one of the most influential early Reformers. Born the same time as Luther, Zwingli rediscovered the “real” Gospel at a parallel time as Luther, but independent of him. Both men took different approaches to causing change that left a lasting impact for future generations. Although largely unknown by most Christians, Zwingli’s Reformation story has much that we can learn from today. What follows is my daughter’s High School paper on Zwingli that provides a quick overview of his life and ministry, including his unique approach to change and the positive as well as negative impacts his leadership had during the early critical years of the Reformation.

From Monologue to Dialogue: Training Your Ears to Listen & Hear God Speak Back to You

Have you ever felt like you’re talking to yourself when you pray? Does it feel like you’re speaking to the air? Do you wish God would just speak back with a clear and audible voice?
You’re not alone. We have all felt that way at some point when praying.

Emotional Intelligence: What Do Your Emotions Have to TELL You?

Did you know God designed our emotions to tell us specific things? Do you know what those things are? Emotional intelligence is much more important than many of us think, and learning what each emotion has to say can really increase you emotional IQ. The following article is an introduction to this important topic.

If Prayer Provides Power, What’s the Power For?

The Great Commission calls us to engage in some pretty powerful things, that we are otherwise powerless to do without the anointing of God upon us. As we learned in the previous teaching (post), operating in the power of the Holy Spirit first REQUIRES time in the PRAYER CLOSET connecting to our “power source” (so to speak). We have been given the command by Yeshua (aka Jesus) to preach the Gospel (Good News of Yeshua) and make disciples. Part of being EFFECTIVE today in engaging in that commission ENTAILS first demonstrating the POWER of God so that we gain the attention and right to speak to those we are sent to by God.

Why do we pray? What do we receive that can only come through prayer?

Did you know that God has a lot He would like to speak to us about? To speak to you and me personally. Do you know that He daily reaches out to speak to us and interact with us about normal everyday life issues that we face?

Do “This” In Remembrance of Me

Just in Time for Passover-Unleavened Bread:
I wanted to let you all know about this exciting new Passover-Unleavened Bread resource that I just uploaded today and sent for my first proof copy from the printer. It is NOT your typical haggadah (Telling) booklet.

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