Month: January 2020

Do “This” In Remembrance of Me

Just in Time for Passover-Unleavened Bread:
I wanted to let you all know about this exciting new Passover-Unleavened Bread resource that I just uploaded today and sent for my first proof copy from the printer. It is NOT your typical haggadah (Telling) booklet.

Seeking Deliverance or The Deliverer?

We all have struggles. Things that require deliverance that only God can accomplish in our lives. Often, the more desperate we get, the more we cry out for deliverance. But today, during my quiet time with the Lord this morning, an important, but subtle distinction came into focus. Am I seeking simply to “be delivered” from some difficulty, hardship, illness, or struggle in my life, only to receive from the Lord and go back to doing my own thing? Or, am I really seeking The Deliverer, as in seeking to draw near to Him personally through greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit today?

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